Welcome! Ingénue Beauty began when I started formulating skincare products for myself because of my sensitive skin. Many over the counter and department store brands caused irritation. Other times I found my skin feeling tight and dry after using cleansers with sulfates, which only increased my naturally oily skin. I would then have bouts of acne and an unsatisfying cycle of pursuing clear, radiant skin would begin anew.
Out of this struggle I began researching, formulating and creating my own gentle, non-toxic skincare products. I soon began to notice
an improvement in my skin's health, appearance & texture and felt good about providing non-toxic skincare to my family.
Speaking of family, Ingénue wouldn't exist without them, especially without the support of my son Conor. We started our online boutique brand as Wholesome Soap which expanded to include a full natural skincare line.
At Ingénue Beauty we're passionate about creating high-quality natural skincare products for you and your family with ingredients you can trust.
Our products are freshly crafted in small batches from our New England studio & shipped directly to you.
We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you!
april & conor